Content Strategy & Writing

It's important that your customers can find your products and services.  SEO-driven content will aid in the search and solutions your customers need. Dunn Solutions' content management consultants will reduce the time required to build and deploy content, helping you to achieve your goals. 

Content Strategy & Writing Services

Today's content provides valuable, timely information to potential customers, existing accounts, channel partners and vendors. It's critical that the information is up-to-date and easy to locate.

Dunn Solutions' content management consultants will work with you to create workflow-enabled content management systems that automate the creation, approval and delivery of information across digital platforms and channels.

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Creating the Right Content

As businesses increasingly focus on digital communication, the right content is critical. A business has to identify what they want to communicate, how they want to communicate it, and who they are communicating to. In addition, it has to be easy to find, which means utilizing tools and resources to optimize for SEO and SEM.  

In addition, in order to automate customer journeys, those triggers have to have a library of images, videos, advertisements, product descriptions, etc,, to create a personalized experience. 

Benefits of a Content Strategy

With a flexible, workflow-based infrastructure, you gain the ability to:

  • Communicate products, services, marketing, press releases and partnerships on a timely basis
  • Target content to customers based on their preferences and desires
  • Optimize content for mobile and tablets to account for content shifts and page loads
  • Maintain an integrated process for distributing information to product managers, sales managers, and marketing managers within your organization and your channel

 Content Strategy Services

To truly get the most out of your content, Dunn Solutions will work with your team to create a content matrix. The purpose is to:
  • Identify existing content and content types
  • Map content to identified end-users
  • Identify holes in content
  • Identify content creators and owners

Once the content is identified and mapped, our consultants will execute your journey map tactics with pre-packaged campaigns. Our software execution automates triggers to target the right message at the right time to your customers. 

Dunn Solutions Content Management Services

Dunn Solutions' content management consultants will reduce the time required to build and deploy content-driven websites, and provide extremely high scalability, reliability and performance for those sites. Our custom content management solutions allow you to create, manage and publish your own content directly on the website using a browser-based interface.

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