All of our consultants work directly with our clients to deliver solutions.  That means we look for people who want to combine their computer science knowledge with a desire to make our clients happy.  Our team members typically work on projects from beginning to end, and our goal is to grow your skills so that you can be a true consultant, not just a programmer.  Two years of experience at Dunn Solutions can provide you with the same level of exposure and skills as five years at other consulting organizations.

We run a business-casual environment, where teamwork is valued and direct communication is essential.  Although we have career paths, we operate very much like a flat organization, where each person has the right, and the duty, to make sure we do the best job for our clients!

Corporate Culture

Dunn Solutions strives to provide the best professional environment possible for its employees. We maintain an open environment where employees can freely express and exchange thoughts and ideas in order to advance the quality of our services, their skills and the overall quality of the company.

Working at Dunn Solutions gives you the opportunity to express your individuality and to truly make your career your own. We encourage people to explore new ways of thinking and to bring new ideas into the company. By doing so we expand our depth of knowledge. Dunn Solutions has goals for the company and aspirations for its consultants, and we pride ourselves in combining our efforts to identify unique ways of reaching those goals and aspirations.

Since Dunn Solutions is a firm dedicated to providing our clients with the foremost in technological solutions, we continue to evolve and adapt to an ever changing market and provide the same opportunity for our staff. Dunn Solutions provides a friendly and professional atmosphere where staff members are understood to be valuable assets to the company and essential to its success.

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Consultant Training

The need to remain at the top of your field is always a primary consideration within the organization. At Dunn Solutions, consultants will receive training in the latest in software development tools and languages. As viable technologies are introduced into the market, we train our consultants to use these technologies and related design techniques in order to offer our clients the best solutions possible. Furthermore, as a consultant you are cross trained in the latest tools of the trade and are given the opportunity to work in an environment which fosters professional growth. This training continues throughout your career, because if your technology skills aren't state of the art, neither are ours!

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