Communications Strategy

We provide the expertise to set up, automate, and widely disseminate content, metrics, and communications.

Communications Strategy Services

Internal and external communications is essential for businesses. We provide the expertise to set up, automate, and widely disseminate content, metrics, and communications.  This can include campaigns such as: Welcome series, Cart abandonment series, Thank you/cross-sell series, Review generation, Referral incentives, to name a few.

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What is a communications strategy? 

A Communications Strategy outlines how a company will communicate with internal and external customers, including the structure, timing, and method of delivery. 

Digital Communications Execution Services include: 

Calendar based

  • Email campaigns
  • Social media campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

Trigger/Activity based engagement

  • Customer score-based email
  • Customer score-based SMS
  • Abandoned cart-based engagement
  • High risk of churn engagement
  • Seasonal/Proactive engagement

Benefits of a communications strategy

As information is consumed at a rapid pace. An effective communications strategy will align to specific goals for all areas of a business. This will assure: 

•    Brand Consistency
•    Internal Alignment and visibility
•    Delivering messaging in a timely manner

Key Components of a Communication Strategy

-    Objectives
-    Target audience
-    Key Messages
-    Communication Channels
-    Tactics  

Partner with Dunn for Marketing Success

Dunn Solutions' marketing communications experts will support you through every step of the way. Dunn Solutions' marketing communication team will teach you best practices and offer strategic guidance in understanding how to apply your communications plan and the technical expertise to automate your communications.