Campaign Management & Metrics

Utilize machine learning to analyze campaign effectiveness and save your organization time and money.

Provide insights with reports and dashboards throughout your whole organization.

Automate processes needed to produce KPI reports so your team can focus on the results. 

Campaign Measurement and Metrics Consulting Services

Key stakeholders want to see marketing's impact on revenue and the status of a campaign's performance in real-time. Using data automation is critical.

Dunn Solutions believes your organization should be looking at the holisic/360 degree view needed to move and stay ahead of your competition. Our data science experts will develop an integrated marketing automation and data analytics solution so you have a complete customer-focused direction to align your sales, marketing and operations teams. Empower them to make better strategic decisions with automation and intelligence.


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Integrating Machine Learning with Campaign Metrics

Your organization has invested in data science solutions to uncover specific business issues around customer retention. Once those models are executed through various marketing campaigns, continuing to analyze behavior will provide results in a variety of ways to review metrics based on the business need. Some examples of these are:

  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Customer Aquisition
  • Promotional Pricing
  • Sales Forecasting 

In addition, export and present the data in a variety of formats such as Excel, Power Point or a PDF. 

Benefits to having a real-time view of your business: 

 Visualizing and gaining insight from your data is the main benefit of marketing automation for metrics. Dunn Solutions consultants believe your organization's data is your best resource for saving time and resources and quickly optimizing marketing activities. 

  • Making informed adjustments and decisions based on data-driven analytics
  • Enhancing situational awareness throughout the organization
  • Tracking behavior for real-time marketing
  • Optimizing processes and resources 
  • Controlling and enhancing automated triggers and processes  

Partner with Dunn Solutins for Marketing Success

When most companies bring in new marketing automation platforms without any strategic or consultative help, it can be quite daunting. There can be MANY roadblocks before even getting to build out a complete campaign. These roadblocks can happen with system integrations, sales training and process management, and even planning out strategically the most effective ways to use the automation structure for your organization.

Dunn Solutions' marketing automation experts will support you through every step of the way of the process. Dunn Solutions' marketing automation team not only can teach you best practices but more importantly, offers strategic help in understanding how to apply automation to your unique buyer's journey and the technical expertise to integrate all of your platforms and CRM's. This takes out all the guesswork out of adopting a marketing automation system!

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