Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping empowers businesses to nurture customers at every opportunity through personalized interactions across email, mobile, social media, custom channels, and in-person touchpoints.
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Customer Journey Consulting

Acquiring and keeping customers is essential to any business. It all starts with the customer journey- and understanding your customers through all online and offline touchpoints. All customers are not created equal. Creating segmentation, personalization, relevance, and understanding what channels are the most effective will increase customer acquisition, retention, and ROI. 

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Customer Journey Consulting: Our Process

Marketing automation alone is not enough to create highly effective marketing campaigns. A truly personalized and effective marketing strategy combines tech platforms for messaging, data analytics derived from a 360-degree view of the customer, segmentation based on machine learning, and awesome creative.

Dunn Solutions can provide customer journey consultation services from ideation to designing, developing, and delivering the systems your organization needs for 1-to-1 customer engagement. We work with our clients to remove the barriers and successfully leverage the investments they have made in bringing automation. Our teams work together with you to bridge the data and IT divide and allow you to get full value and results from your digital marketing initiatives.

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Schedule a free consultation to learn how we can help you with your customer journey mapping integration.

Journey Mapping: A Team Effort

Establishing customer journey maps solves challenges at all levels and departments of an organization. It creates visibility, drives strategy, provides insights, and increases sales. As teams share in the responsibility of creating and utilizing journey maps, it alleviates silos and leads to cross-functional accountability. The process also establishes alignment to company goals and KPI’s, enabling a common vision of the customer experience.

But remember- the journey doesn’t end at a sale. The post-sale interactions with your customers (i.e. product support, reviews, warranty information) are just as- if not more- important to retain and grow their business. In a study conducted by Hanover Research, companies with journey maps helped them solve organizational challenges:

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As you can see, interactions provide insights into product development and innovation, the cost of retaining customers vs. customer churn, and customer pain points within an organization. Dunn Solutions provides services to automate this data into actionable insights.

Using 1st Party Data to Create a Personalized Experience

As you continue to enhance the customer experience by delivering true 1:1 messaging, they will be 90% more likely to continue to engage with your business. Executing a robust journey map allows your organization to:

Deliver The Right Message at the Right Time so that your customers feel that you are talking directly to them instead of a blasting information.

Only Present Relevant Information to the user with dynamic content on your webpages to keep what is most important to them in the foreground.

Leverage the Right Channel Use email, in-app push notifications, SMS, postcard, phone call, etc. based on where the customer is in their journey and their preferences.

Develop Leads that are Not Sales-Ready by automatically putting them in to nurturing campaigns.

Rich 2-Way Conversations where questions and answers are exchanged between buyers and sellers in real-time.

Don’t Wait- Start the Journey Today

The lifecycle of a customer journey map is between 2 and 4 years. If you don’t have journey mapping in place today, chances are your competitors do:

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And it doesn’t stop there. Not only are companies investing in journey mapping, but they also understand the importance of keeping it relevant based on internal and external influences.

Don’t wait! Schedule a free consultation today to see how Dunn Solutions can get your journey mapping started.

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