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Should your Liferay Portal be On-Site or Hosted (Platform as a Service - PaaS)?


Kenneth Yeung
8 Months Ago

When considering a custom portal development project, one of the key decisions you have to make is around infrastructure. Should your portal be on-site or hosted (cloud based)?

Introducing Liferay DXP in the Cloud. Liferay DXP in the Cloud is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. A PaaS solution provides:

  • Autoscaling
  • Development tools
  • Environments
  • Monitoring
  • DevOps tools

The Liferay DXP PaaS solution allows the development team to stay focus on the edge of innovation, and cutting down the time to manage DevOps complexity, and redirect your IT resource to deliver business values other than engineering tasks. In general, enterprise PaaS solutions will enable your IT resource to focus on business priorities rather than infrastructure or DevOps management.

Next, we will look into some key PaaS features offered by the Liferay Portal:

Application Management

Liferay DXP Cloud includes an application management console, which allows your IT resources to manages application which is deployed in the Liferay DXP Cloud. The Application Management Console includes:

  • Log Management which enables your IT resource to manage your real-time or deployment logs.
  • Shell Access enables your IT resources to execute commands via a browser interface
  • Autoscaling – IT resource could set up manual scaling to autoscaling capabilities to anticipate peak traffic
  • Backup & Restore process, Environment and Release Management to manage your various QA, UAT, or PROD environment and release for various development projects.

Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Deployment (CD) Strategy

The Liferay DXP Cloud offers a browser-based CI/CD Console, which enables your IT resources to streamline the development life cycle with CI/CD strategy that enables zero-downtime deployments. The Liferay DXP Cloud comes with your own dedicated Jenkins instance and GitHub services, which allow your IT resources to run the automated unit and integration test cases. The Jenkins scripts could trigger a new build on every new commit to a certain environment you want to deploy to for continuous deployment to minimize business application downtime.

Performance and Health Monitoring

Liferay DXP Cloud also comes with browser-based Performance and Health Monitoring capabilities. Your IT resource can monitor real-time matrix for CPU, RAM, and data transfer usage. In addition, it also comes with Dynatrace, which will allow you to monitor the JVM, garbage collection, response time for your Liferay DXP Cloud applications. In addition, your IT resource could configure real-time alerts when a service is near exceeded its allocated resources.


To ensure your project and data are secure in the cloud. Liferay DXP Cloud offers private network, VPN connection, Private Access, and Database Encryption.

Dunn Solutions is a Gold Certified Liferay partner who has many years of Liferay experience building custom portals for its clients. Contact Dunn Solutions today to discuss your Liferay portal needs!


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